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Cryptostamps now ranks among the top Ether games by volume

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We all have witnessed the cryptocollectible market boom in the past few months. With the kittens trying to take over the Ethereum blockchain, there came a lot of other games to the rescue. But what mostly happened with all of them was they didn’t plan a sustainable model of getting the game going and hence the customers fell into the trap of high prices with no buyers. We know some of you might be feeling the pain of what was just written.

Then came the real collectibles to the rescue. Real collectibles? Yes! you read that right. Stamp collection is a centuries-old phenomenon which has captured the interests of human beings in a remarkable manner. Adding a pinch of blockchain and brainstorming was what team Cryptostamps has done to fuse history with the future.

We saw the problem faced by the cryptocollectible community when they got stranded on an isolated island with their high priced collectible. The introduction of allowing users to dissolve their stamp into 10 stamps of equal value when the price of their stamp reaches 15 ETH or above plus the awesome designs was the rescue mission that team Cryptostamps undertook.
We are proud to save a lot of people from the cryptocollectible community but we regret that the ethereum blockchain has to suffer due to the high volume of transactions that are taking place on our platform currently.

We recently crossed the 40 ETH/day transaction milestone with our daily customers increasing rapidly. We intend to deliver the best services to our players and are coming up with many exciting features to keep the users engaged.

Stay tuned for more updates!
Visit : www.cryptostamps.co
For statistics: https://dappradar.com/

Thank You
Team Cryptostamps


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It has been suggested that John Bourke, Receiver General of Stamp Dues in Ireland was the first collector. In 1774 he assembled a book of the existing embossed revenue stamps, ranging in value from 6 pounds to half a penny, as well as the hand, stamped charge marks that were used with them. His collection is preserved in Dublin.[3] Postage stamp collecting began at the same time that stamps were first issued, and by 1860 thousands of collectors and stamp dealers were appearing around the world as this new study and hobby spread across Europe, European colonies, the United States and other parts of the world.
The first postage stamp, the Penny Black, was issued by Britain in May 1840 and pictured a young Queen Victoria. It was produced without perforations (imperforate) and consequently had to be cut from the sheet with scissors in order to be used. While unused examples of the Penny Black are quite scarce, used examples are quite common, and may be purchased for $20 to $200, depending upon condition.
People started to collect stamps almost immediately. One of the earliest and most notable was John Edward Gray. In 1862, Gray stated that he “began to collect postage stamps shortly after the system was established and before it had become a rage”.[4] As the hobby and study of stamps began to grow, stamp albums and stamp related literature began to surface, and by the early 1880s publishers like Stanley Gibbons made a business out of this advent.
Children and teenagers were early collectors of stamps in the 1860s and 1870s. Many adults dismissed it as a childish pursuit but later many of those same collectors, as adults, began to systematically study the available postage stamps and publish books about them. Some stamps, such as the triangular issues of the Cape of Good Hope, have become legendary.
Stamp collecting is a less popular hobby in the early 21st century than it was a hundred years ago. In 2013, the Wall Street Journal estimated the global number of stamp collectors was around 60 million Tens of thousands of stamp dealers supply stamps along with stamp albums, catalogs, and other publications. There are also thousands of stamp clubs and organizations that provide them the history and other aspects of stamps. Today, though the number of collectors is somewhat less, stamp collecting is still one of the world’s most popular indoor hobbies.

Why should I buy CryptoStamps?

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You have invested your hard-earned money in Ethereum. Now think of buying CryptoStamps as an investment of your investment. Buying a stamp on the blockchain is an investment of your Ethers. Unlike an ordinary investment, this investment will give you fixed returns.

Now how is that possible?

If you buy a stamp worth ‘x’ Ethers, then the value of stamp becomes twice. Your stamp now costs 2x Ethers. When you trade your stamp, it will be sold at 2x, that is a profit of x ethers for you!

But I could buy any collectible on the blockchain, why should I buy stamps ?

First of all, we have solved the problem of being stuck with high priced collectibles with no buyers. If you think your stamp is too costly & hence not attracting enough buyers, then you can dissolve your stamps into multiple stamps of smaller denominations. For example, a stamp worth 10 ethers can be dissolved into ten 1 ether stamps.

More importantly, unlike other collectibles, this is not just a trend. Cryptostamps is worthy of your investment because it has an underlying vision. Gaming & Trading is only the beginning. Phase two is to recreate historical events on the blockchain through stamps. This way they will be preserved forever. Phase three is using stamps as a token of any transaction. Say you buy an iPhone, then Apple will send out a unique stamp to you. This will ensure authenticity, if someone was trying to sell you a fake iPhone, you would not receive a stamp from Apple & hence would come to know that the product is fake. This is just one of many use cases.

Last but not the least, we have a great collection of stamps to boast of! Check them out here.


Also we are always here to help, if you need any assistance in selling your stamp, write to us at info@cryptostamps.co

Types of Stamps & How to find them

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All you need to know about CryptoStamps

Free Stamps

Before the launch of our marketplace, we are open to pre-orders. As a part of this offer, 10 lucky winners of all registrations will get FREE stamps. This offer is still on, sign up on CryptoStamps to get this offer!

Fresh Stamps

Once our marketplace is launched, you can be the first buyer of stamps from CryptoStamps

Tradeable Stamps

You can buy these stamps from another collector. These stamps have a transaction history and as we all know history repeats itself. Which means they have a higher probability of being sold again.

Premium Stamps

All stamps that cross the 1.28 ether mark are premium stamps

Mined Stamps

Stamps that are born out of dissolving a higher denomination stamp

Archival Stamps

The dissolved stamp is returned to the marketplace at its dissolved price in the special position of hall of fame. Once a stamp becomes a part of the hall of fame, it will always retain its title as an archival stamp.

Sponsored Stamps

Collectors can increase the visibility of their stamps by listing their stamps as sponsored.

Getting Started with Cryptostamps

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Trading of crypto currencies comes with high volatility and continuous monitoring of the crypto currency market. For one moment you take your eyes off the prices & you stand to lose your hard-earned money. This is not the case with Cryptostamps. Why you ask? The amount you invested can only go upwards from there.

Step one : Chose

You could chose a stamp inspired from your favorite movie. You could chose a stamp of your dream vacation place. You could chose a stamp of someone who inspires you. If you find it difficult to trust anything but data, then look for stamps that have been frequently traded. If you don’t trust us yet, test us by buying the low cost stamps. And if you have the heart for it, you can always buy the premium stamps worth 1 ethereum.

Step two : Buy

Let’s say you fall in love with this one stamp that you couldn’t resist to buy. First thing you do is make an account on the cryptostamps website. This way you can always track your stamp(s). Unless you already have one, install the metamask extension on your browser to authorize the transaction. Let’s assume you paid 0.5 ethereum for the stamp.

Step three : Sell

Since you’ve spent 0.5 ethers on the stamp, it will now cost 1 ether for the next buyer. That is 100% profit for you! Cryptostamps worth less than 1.28 ether grow 2x in value with every transaction. Cryptostamps worth more than 1.28 ether grow 1.25x in value with every transaction. Which means if you owned a cryptostamp worth 1 ether, then you will earn 1.25 ethers when it is sold.