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CryptoStamps is the first secured trading platform integrated with the Ethereum blockchain, where people can CollectTrade and Mine their digital stamps like traditional postal stamps on the blockchain. Each CryptoStamp is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you unless you get 2X profit and it cannot be replicated or destroyed


CryptoStamps gives each Stamp buyer an opportunity to earn from each transaction at any stage with a sustainable revenue generation model. Our unique smart contract ensures the profit is generated when a stamp holder buys a stamp as it will be sold at a higher value only. This ensures that each time you buy a stamp, you will be benefitted.

  • Our smart contract doubles the price of the stamp with each transaction. Price increase: 2x from 0 ETH to 1.28 ETH, 1.25x from 1.28 ETH up.
  • Mine your Stamps-If the price goes too high to sell, you can dissolve your stamp into 10 unique stamps of equal value. Hence keeping you in the game. Learn more

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